Qui UK

About us

Allow us to introduce ourselves. We are a family of four , mum and dad Veerle and Wim and our two sons Iben (1998) and Nathan (2000).
In march 2004 our dream came true when we moved to Marsal.
We adapted a brand new lifestyle which allows us to enjoy “ the simple things in life”.



For 10 years we ran a busy bakery situated in the heart of a West Flemish village called Aarsele. (Belgium)
While embracing our new life we will still stay true to our roots and look forward to spoiling our guests at Maison Mambré with all kinds of local and Flemish fresh home-made (!) gourmet foods.
We pride ourselves in turning your breakfast into a real feast. Not only on Sundays but every day! After all, when you are travelling and enjoying the good life, every day should feel like a Sunday…

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